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Velvet fabric is a luxurious textile that adds a luxurious aesthetic

Printing Velvet Fabric is a stunning and luxurious textile that adds an instantly opulent aesthetic to any room or garment. This luxurious fabric is renowned for its featherlike softness and beautiful sheen. Velvet can be used in a wide range of clothing and accessories from dresses to blazers and coats, as well as home furnishings such as cushions and curtains. Printed velvet fabrics add a modern twist to this classic material, adding intricate patterns and designs that can be printed onto the surface of the velvet.
We use sublimation printing to produce a high-definition print on our velvet fabric, producing fine details and true colours. This print is a little different to other printing methods as it doesn't actually touch the velvet, which is a huge benefit as it maintains the integrity of the fabric and doesn't damage it. This method also gives the print a slight sheen, putting the spotlight on the design and allowing the velvet to retain its beautiful lustre.
When printing on velvet, it is important to consider the nap length of the fabric. The nap refers to the direction in which the pile lies, and can make a significant difference to the overall look of the print. Ideally, you want to print on a fabric with a short nap as this will give the best results and avoid any noticeable pulling of the velvet pile.
Our velvet fabric is woven with a short, dense pile, creating a silky smooth hand feel and stunning print reproduction. Its unique sheen reflects light and produces rich, vibrant color. We recommend printing on this velvet with a digital sublimation machine to get the most accurate color representation and quality.
This particular velvet is made from 100% polyester, which means it can be dyed into a wide variety of bright and bold colors with excellent color fastness. It is breathable and abrasion resistant, meaning it can be used for upholstery without fading or pilling. This fabric is machine washable, with cold water and a low tumble dry heat.
Velvet is a great choice for lining and dressmaking, as it is extremely soft against the skin. It can also be embroidered, foil printed or embossed to create a variety of unique and custom products.
Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something softer, we have a wide range of prints and colors available to suit any style. We've got everything from geometric designs to florals and lace, so you can find the perfect velvet for your next project.
Using a rotary screen or digital printer, you can create a beautiful and unique velvet print that will elevate your designs to the next level. You can even have your own custom-printed velvet made to order, so you can match your new velvet with your existing pieces of clothing or home decor. If you're looking for a velvet that is suitable for embroidery or other embellishments, we can offer this too, just let us know what you need!

Upholstery fabric / Holland velvet fabric / Printing fabric / Sofa & Chair fabric / Warp knitting fabric – Item No.: AR610
This tissue backed velvet fabric is soft and plush with a luxurious look. With a traditional pattern, it's ideal for upholstery use and can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in any room. This is a heavyweight fabric, so it works great as a sofa throw or bedspread.