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Wrap Knitting Fabric is a form of knitting that produces fabrics with a large variety of colors & designs

What Is Wrap Knitting Fabric?
Wrap Knitting Fabric is a form of knitting that produces fabrics with a large variety of colors & designs, which are soft and have good drapeability. Usually, the fabric is made with either wool or cotton. Often, it is used for sleepwear and other clothing items. The main advantage of this type of knitted fabric is that it has little vertical stretch but varying degrees of crosswise stretch. In addition, these types of fabrics are run-resistant and don't ravel.
The structure of this kind of knitted fabric is made up of interlocking loops that zigzag lengthwise throughout the fabric. Each loop secures the loop of an adjacent strand from the same warp yarn. This basic pattern forms the basis for most types of knitted fabrics that use multiple yarns in each course, and each row is called a "wale." A fabric with more wale will be stiffer and more stable in width than a fabric with fewer wale.
To make the yarns interact, they are placed in a knitting zone parallel to the fabric selvage and then knitted with each other. The yarns are interlocked as they pass through a series of needles, each of which has a specific shape that enables it to pick up the yarns and interlock them with each other. The yarns are then positioned in another position to continue the knitting process with different positions of the needles.
In order to produce a high-quality product, the fabric needs to be properly managed. This is done by making sure that the correct yarns are inserted in the right place in order to achieve proper deformation behavior. In addition, the yarns should be evenly distributed so that they do not have any areas that are too stiff or have a lower deformation capacity than the rest of the fabric.
The fabric also requires a certain degree of flexibility in the wale direction in order to be able to conform to body curves, which are typically quite curvilinear. This property is obtained by placing a layer of almost straight yarns between the warp and the body layers. These yarns are referred to as inlaid yarns.
In previous examples of this type of fabric, a single ornamental wrapping yarn has been fed to and knit independently from the body yarn. However, in the modified fabric shown in FIGURE 7, a single overhead-fed ornamental wrap yarn C" is used in forming both of the solid color pattern areas 50 and 51. The wrapping yarns C" and E" extend behind the fabric from the last knit wale in any given course to the first wale in the next succeeding course. The live needles that take and knit the wrap yarn C" are positioned one needle wale to the right of the live needles that take and knit the body yarn B" in each of courses 7-12.

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